May 28, 9PM - Portland, Maine @ Washington  Baths presented by Poole Records:  TIMELASH (Embassador Dulgoon &  Corum)  / Vexations II (Video Nasties & Death Waltz Records) / Tea Tree Tween (Nate Luce) / TJ Spunk Ape (Strange Maine) & DJ Ash Ra Temporal 

AUGUST 19/20 @ Gaston, Oregon - Million Brazilians w/ Wolf Eyes, Space Lady, Circuit Des Yeux, & many many more for Dundee Lodge Festival 

LOST DISCOVERIES  radio is officially streaming & archived on our mixcloud &  RADIO page. 


Impractical Cockpit,Turned Word label, & the Village of Spaces: 3 part feature with Dan Beckman & Amy Moon

Big Debbie presents Soviet Synths

Waterfemmes with Francesca Heart & Agua Viva

- Allesandre & White Gourd present Beltane Bouquet


Aaron Dilloway, Embassador Dulgoon, Adele H., MSHR, Anoushe Shojae Chaghorvand, Dame Darcy, Expo 70, Bitchin Bajas, Thrones, Russian Tsarlag, Human Beast, Tracy Trance, The Tenses (Smegma), Beguiling Isles, Caethua, Visible Cloaks, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, Starbirthed (Herbcraft), Arrington de Dionyso, Dracula Lewis (Simone Trabucchi), Million Brazilians, Spires that in the Sunset Rise, G.M. Holder, Suzy Poling, Forced Into Femininity, Nappy THC, Universal Cell Unlock (Christopher Forgues), Evolutionary Jazz Band, Sewn Leather, Idaho Joe Windslow, Thollem Mc Donas, Ralph White, Malaikat dan Singa, Id M Theft Able, Andy Cigarettes, Buck Curran, Pedestrian Deposit, Bone Rattle, Beyond, Taboo, Tunnels, Alec Redfearn, A.R. Faust, Rene Hell & Eye Myths, Spencer Clark presents Pinhead in Fantasia, Toussaint St. Negritude, Rotten Apples, Justin Clifford Rhody, Bill Doob, MOM, Bernard Herman, Planets Around the Sun, Buk-Buk Big Ups, New England Patriots, Baronic Wall, Hammer of Hathor, White Gourd, Joey Casio, Twilight Memories, Stress Ape, Joshua Harper, Child Bride, Zoltar the Inhaler, Corum, Valise, Kuntry Bwoys, Christopher W. Bush, Chevorlet Pile, Names Divine, Signal Break, Brian Frame (Blessed Broke), Andy Storrs, Sapropelic Pycnic & Ivy Meadows, Twins, Soup Purse,

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic, 6-Ear, Weird TV, Rattledick (Eternal Tapestry / Slaves), Duncan Moore, Sterile Garden, Olga, Dimples, Lavender Flu etc,