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"Ro-He-Ge has become a little bastion of experimental music in rural Maine. Named for Roweena, Heloise and Gertrude, three women who lived on the property in the mid-20th century, it’s also the official East Coast headquarters of Psychic Sounds, a music collective co-founded originally in Portland, Oregon, by Corum and Stone, who also are members of the band Million Brazilians" - Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News

The Ro-He-Ge is a seasonal 170 year old barn show space located in East Belfast on 2 acres of land.  Originally founded as a performance venue by Dan Beckman & Amy Moon in 2007, the structure continues to be curated now with an aim at infusing unusual national & international events into a small town mid-coastal vibe as to diversify Maine's musical & artistic ecological flow.   

PS_summerseries3_sept_digital poster.jpg

Note: Ro-He-Ge archives are being updated every month with history dating back as far as mid-1800s. 

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