Waterways and roadways, pathways of before the day before yesterday and thoughtforms forming from attractors accumulating, budding and blossoming sometime the day after tomorrow, both ends submerged into the darkness beyond twilight that the old folk here had no words for, crossing in multiple parallels, a chiasmus as such, like augury skies, multiple migrating flocks superimpose from a terrestrial vantage, the disappearing distance of ether a limit point somewhere far up above, and the last link on the spine spiraling downward like an ivory staircase and terminating in the seed of the soil.  Various species of birds often join together to mob a predator eagle that would have their nest eggs for its meal, and eradicate its progeny, but what of non-generative creation?  Mustn’t mobbing occur?


This clan and that, from this crossroads and that confluence, from urbana and from hillcrest, from shore strand and hinterland, from flora veiled obscurity and from the clandestine larders under intent-laden candlelight, either or, or either and all at once sometimes somewhere.  Gathering around the cup, as if it were one great basin of liquid fire that could force a throng into ring and perch there at the wood or brass or glass lip and hold court in turn for the delight of the resonating reality and resound in volley to pure pitch, swooning as the ample tone threshes over and through, its spectrum wide and flanked by congealing overtones mingling in primeval maelstrom of profound harmony inseparable from dissonance.

Soma Daze is a gathering of musicians, filmmakers & performers traveling from all over the US & beyond to attend in Maine's natural surroundings during the Summer.  A synthesis with the spiritual, the spirited, the spectral, the symbolic, the sacred or the divine runs through the core of each artists creative conception, regardless of whether it bends to the course of bacchanal or meditative trance, ecstatic or esoteric, indefinable, infernal or infinite or everything all at once.  

Pedestrian Deposit (L.A.) 

Signal Break (NYC)

Bone Rattle (Boston / L.A. / Rome)

Blessed Broke (Kansas City) 

Bernard Herman (NYC)

Sports [Caethua / Clay Camero]


Universal Cell Unlock (NYC)

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