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Forthcoming Events / Releases:



4 - Portland, Maine @ Space: Baba Commandant & the Mandingo Band / Sublime Frequencies / Dj Psychic Sounds. Doors open at 7. Tickets available by clickin this link 

Corum 'Elementals: Earth Sphinx' print / shirt series dropping soon in the Psychic Sounds shop..... 

Early June - late October: Curio Shack opening for our new experimental seasonal store front in downtown Belfast, Maine, U.S. @ 16 Main Street (behind the chamber of commerce by the bay). Thursday - Sunday: 12 - 6 pm. See what the tide brings in: records, books, botanica items, assorted local tea, grotesqueries, psychedelia, screen prints, zines, clothing, records, pranks & gimmicks, tapes, CDs, masks, herbs, events, weird instruments & music equipment, esoterica, comics, folkloric & mythological ceramics, and much more - new tidings every week! 


12 - Belfast, Maine @ Psychic Sounds Studios: 7pm - White Gourd, Bitter Wish (Bardo Pond), Matt LaJoie (Herbcraft / Flower Room Records), Dj Psychic Sounds   


12 - Belfast, Maine @ Psychic Sounds Studios: 7 pm - John Bellows / very special guests TBA 



TIMELASH 'Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities' LP (Aguirre) 

Corum 10 year anniversary reissues on cassette / digital for the first time: 

- Never Use the Same Door Twice (audio only)

Beguiling Isles trilogy in full color slipcase & foldout artworks / liner notes including:  

- Born of Earth's Torments 

- Effigy Mounds 

- Magic Mirror 

Unvaulted limited edition run of Fake Hospital Group Operators band performing 'Never Use the Same Door Twice' live - Limited to 50 pro-dubbed of reality hackin high strangeness  

Tristan & Titania 'Glyphs & Gods' LP - premiere debut duet of Eva Van Deuren's new offering directly out the Orphan Fairytale cosmos.... pure soul smoke & mythic summoning

Aaron Dilloway 'The Goof' x2 cassette of solo works mix from late 90s to present . Private spook house ride directly to your dome - totally warped, weird,& warbled collection. Just how you like it 


Universal Cell Unlock 'Quasimodo the Street Sweeper' LP & foldout art by CF.  Pastoral musings on the cyber field & deeply engineered diving lessons into heavy pulsations T-1000 twang.  

Universal Cell Unlock 'Innocence of Logic' cassette reissue

Back again & fully bent

Blazing Worlds LP & cassette - debut duet of Justin Wright (Expo 70) & Corum releasing by Sonic Meditations {U.S.} / Feral Child {U.K.} Burning Chrome & Mind Parasites melted: Heavy, Liminal, and Luminescent

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