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UNIVERSAL CELL UNLOCK 'Quasimodo the Streetsweeper'
   12" Vinyl / DL & insert by CF 

What remarks can recall the pampered page when the subject shines through so many shaken seams? The remarks are for the producer of QUASIMODO THE STREETSWEEPER, the mysterious, though constantly revealing, CF, presenting himself here as UNIVERSAL CELL UNLOCK. Christopher Forgues of Brown Recluse Alpha, Mark Lord, Kites, shrap burst band Dynasty, collaborator of Rodger Stella, Justin Lakes, maybe even a Dom Fernow (that was twenty years ago, why bring it up?), author of blazetastic comic books –ever checkout Powr Mastrs?-- label crafter for beer, kimchi, and perhaps some fermented fairytale merriments that I’m unaware of. There’s a delightful gentleman of the pen, synthesizer, clothes closet, haiku, and smile behind this music. What remarks could remain after all that? After a river of output, souls touched, make-up adorned by followers in misguided worship, and lost legends floated from message board to media made social, there’s still this fresh pile of inviting, mature and dense music, coated in the haunting haze of early commercial digital reverb, reiterating refreshing sonic remarks. All of this before the bell is rang –part of the piece on the A side of the record– and reverberated through the air signaling the prize fighter to reenter the destined melee, or, maybe, the meditation practitioner to return to their breath. What premeditated remark could recharge reminisces of New York more than the city’s newly appointed director of rodent mitigation? The lost legend of Tony Conrad running up the steps of a Manhattan church to meet the mysterious mad one playing the bells in the spire, Charlemagne Palestine. What premeditated remark could recharge reminisces of New York more than boxing? Rats, alternate side parking, street cleaning, a new sanitation commissioner whose name adorns the biggest private art school in downtown Manhattan –it's Tisch. The bristles from the machines of swirling repetition that push parking brush to the side –it’s street sweepers– are repurposed here as pluckphonic metal keys, rich in floating harmonic content after they are surfed over to send thick snaking notes into one another’s resonant realms. There are strategies taken from the decidedly unfocused on New York musical tradition of American and global capital-N Noise music. Quick slips into loud swells of thorny texture swipe out to reveal the power and intensity of the hum below. An invitation to a closed eye head bob is quickly revoked with a shock call to attentiveness. There’s an attentiveness here. Across forty minutes of percussion music, with some stark electronic accouterments along the way, the focus on the form and compositional aspects is forgotten only to let the sounds build and interact without pesky human interruption. There is no long stretching out, big asks, or smirk laden pranks. The currents and flows are accentuated, cut back, changed subtly over time, and variously sculpted in ways that make repeating music recoiling, exciting, and remarkable. That’s the remark to recall: remarkable music with new surprises pushed through. All in this record. - Ben Kudler


Universal Cell Unlock 'Quasimodo The Street Sweeper' vinyl / DL & foldout art by CF  

March 18 - Portland, Maine @ Apohadion Theater:

White Gourd / Harpy / Water Through Stone / K0VVNS 


April 4-6 - Ridgewood, NY @ TV Eye: End Tymes festival w/ Universal Cell Unlock, John Wiese, Apologist, & many many more!!   

May 4 - Richmond, VA @ The Warehouse, 7:30 ( Bubbles Con after party): Universal Cell Unlock / Kyle Flanagan / Tim Gick / Tommy Birchett / Fracking / Molasses 

May 30 - Portland, Maine @ Washington Baths, 8 pm : Universal Cell Unlock / Annie Dodson / Rusty Cross (Asa Irons & Corum) /  Projections by Ryan Marshall

June 1 & 2 - New Portland, Maine @ Freewill Fest: Universal Cell Unlock / Caethua  / Rusty Cross (Asa Irons & Corum) / Savage Young Taterbug / Buzz Cunts / Kafari / Lazy Magnet / White Gourd / Tom K (of Cerberus Shoal) / Liz Durette, V Manuscript and much more! 

Late May - Maibaum debut ‘Sumer Is Icumen In’ vinyl 

- Aaron Dilloway 'The Goof' cassette compilation of solo works mix from late 90s to present . Private spook house ride directly to your dome - totally warped, weird,& warbled collection. Just how you like it 

- Archimboldos 'Crusta Arcana' vinyl 

- Corum 'Telaraña de Medianoche' exhibit catalog & CD

from art exposition in Santiago, Chile @ Galería Tiki-Taka

- Lavina Yelb 'Apapneas Hypmne Somome' cassette

2010 debut album available first time on physical media from the sound visions of Chilean based artist Anibal Bley! 



Tristan & Titania 'Glyphs & Gods' vinyl premiere debut duet of Tristan Vloeberghs & Eva Van Deuren (Orphan Fairytale)

TIMELASH 'Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities' vinyl (Aguirre) 

Universal Cell Unlock 'Innocence of Logic' cassette reissue

Corum 'Magic Mirror' shirts - ORDER HERE

Blazing Worlds vinyl & cassette - debut duet of Justin Wright (Expo 70) & Corum releasing by Sonic Meditations {U.S.} / Feral Child {U.K.} "mind parasites & burning chrome melted: Heavy & Liminal" - ORDER HERE

- Corum 10 year anniversary reissues on cassette / digital for the first time: 

- Never Use the Same Door Twice - ORDER HERE

Beguiling Isles trilogy in full color slipcase & foldout artworks / liner notes including:  

- Born of Earth's Torments 

- Effigy Mounds 

- Magic Mirror 









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