- Million Brazilians 'Cry In An Unknown Tongue' (Lost Discoveries) OUT NOW - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 


- October 1 & 2:  Million Brazilians - Kraakfest @ Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium

- October 6-18: Corum presents Universe B @ Tenerife, Canary Islands

- Timelash 'Remembering Laurasia' track on Delta ~ Wave compilation

- Timelash s/t - Hare Akedod

- Timelash ' Amrita Hive Forager' track on Artetetra compilation

- Timelash 'A Morphology of Wonders' x2 LP (Aguirre Records)

- Million Brazilians 'Mystic Musk part 1' track on Devil's Triangle compilation

- Million Brazilians 'Eikasía  Pulse' track on Lullabies for Insomniacs compilation- Millon Brazilians 'Conchigilia' (Kraak / Krut) 

LOST DISCOVERIES radio is officially streaming & archived on our mixcloud &  RADIO page. 


JANUARY 2022: 

- Turned Word label feature with Dan Beckman & Amy Moon 



Million Brazilians has the deep honor & exciting experience to present new works for Kraakfest on October 2 & 3 in Belgium! Tickets now available through Kraak. Featuring the original trio for the first time ever in Europe, MB is also playing in support of forthcoming EP ‘Conchiglia’ feat. Adele H and the double live album ‘Cry In An Unknown Tongue’ with selections from 2019/20 tours both mastered by Caleb Mulkerin. The original trio of Million Brazilians appear in concert for the first time in Europe to present a premiere movement for Kraakfest featuring the original fervorous trio of Stone (White Gourd), Corum (Timelash / Typhonian Highlife) and Jones (Inspired School of Astral Music) offering the hypnotic  heavy drum rumblings, wailing sax, bent flutes and aural textures entitled ’Aster Flow’. 

Feature length 3 volume album ‘Dungeon Jazz Ceremony Nights’ have all been tracked and are currently being mixed by Dulgoon in the southern Chilean forest abode as well.  Forthcoming collaboration albums with Lavender Flu, and Village of Spaces are underway…


All three Psychic Sounds art edition LPs are finally in hand!: Embassador Dulgoon, Inspired School of Astral Music, and Maya Deren’s Divine Horsemen.  Beautifully hand marbled by Cendras Marbling, and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk, these gems are in extremely limited quantities and will be available through our seasonal newsletter listed above.


Lost Discoveries Radio returns in November with an epic 3 hour feature on Turned Word label history / conversations followed by a few new LDR physical releases including Orphan Fairytale’s Tea Music and Aaron Dilloway tape & shirt series!  

 Corum’s investigations into ‘UNIVERSE B’ takes him from Wilhelm’s Reich’s laboratory in western Maine to off the coast of western Africa on the Canary Islands where’s he’ll be dipping into the Pacific City Studios, and taking notes through Gran Telescopio Canarias, the largest optical telescope in the world.  





'Sonic Fermentations' 

12" LP



'Strange Oasis' 

digital / CD 



'Urban Fossickated Octave' 

12" LP 

PsychicSoundsEnsemble 'Sonic Fermentatio
Million Brazilians 'Strange Oasis' cover
Million Brazilians 'Urban Fossickated Oc

"The moon is out and it’s time for experiments in the Pacific Northwest. Enter the abode of Smegma Laboratories, dwelling of Ju Suk Reet Meate & Oblivia (The Tenses) whom are active in Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) notable collaborators with Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, John Wiese and infamous rock critic Richard Meltzer. It’s late in the evening and they have invited fellow Smegmateer David Morgan along with synthesized sculptors Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper of MSHR, and psychedelic shape-shifters Corum & Suzanne Stone of Million Brazilians. All have arrived to share conversation in a new potent brew of Sonic Fermentations about to be set into motion.

'Batches 1 & 2' are too mutagenic for any container, a deep drank of sci-fi exotica concoction with psychotropic effects churned by a monstrous kalimba, canned laughter, radio broadcast fritz, eerie lap steel, double reed riff, all torched in a broth of stretching electrical beams. Suspense arrives by waiting for these themes to disintegrate and dissolve steering into unrecognizable forms. Once that happens, allure clashes with grotesque, contours between exhilaration and wailing dissolve, and the music becomes a current of unified instinct by this Psychic Sounds Ensemble. Sip it or shoot it, either way will result in stimulating both head and visceral."- Karen K,  

"Nonlocal Research unearth a gem recorded in 2015 in Montville, Maine by mysterious band Million Brazilians.

Unfurling wildly and unpredictably over six numbered tracks, Strange Oasis is "Loaded with layers of tribal percussion, far-out atmospheres and exotic melodies, this record achieves to gather lush and mystery in a tangible fabric of sound. Flutes pass as birds, taps as humid drops, melodies as organic currents. A ritual happening far away and within simultaneously." A slow burning listen, much of the disc feels like a syrupy re-interpretation of much of the Pacific City Sound Visions catalog or a screwed version of the Sun Araw band. Their esoteric brand of mysticism feels outside of time (or at least a linear interpretation) and feels amorphously tangible over the near 60-minute listen... strongly recommended as a totally novel sounds to our ears." - Commend, NYC


"Beautiful new LP (the seventh, I believe), from this wonderfully abstract outfit, who were birthed in the shadow of Smegma (Portland, OR), but have since relocated to Maine. 

  The foundational members of the band are Grant Corum (keyboards, vocals, tin whistle, vocals) and Suzanne Stone (alto sax, khene, vocals). For this album, recorded by Big Blood’s Caleb Mulkerin, they are joined by Caleb himself (tape loops & treatments) and Tom Kovacevic (piano & synth), both of whom played together back in Cerberus Shoals. The quartet is hot. Even when it’s a trio. 

  The music has a blocked-out and dreamy quality, with jazzoid touches and perhaps less of an ethnographic quality than some of the band’s work. But the music also exists in large chunks, which are moved around in a way that almost recalls (strategically, if not sonically) groups like Colorado’s Mnemonists/Biota collective. There’s a heavy and reflective quality to all the sounds generated and how they are shaped.

  The album takes its title from the work of the late visionary artist, Paul Laffoley, from whom the band learned many lessons, and for whom the music stands as a sort of threnody. And the sounds here seem to inhabit some of the same psychic space as Laffoley’s work — creating panels of aural architecture with mandalic balance and flow.

  Million Brazilians’ music has lots of depth and a shifting focus that makes it hard to identify as any particular brand of music. But as Duke Ellington so elegantly put it, “If it sounds good, it is good.” And Urban Fossickated Octave sounds more than good. Take it from the Duke. And then some." -Byron Coley, 2019

Mummy Dust Trippers 'Perfect Prey'

Embassador Dulgoon 'Hydrorion Remnants'

'2 of Wands' by CF 


Please welcome the fully doused duet of alchemized instrument creator, Idaho Joe Winslow and Corum, the melted maestro of absorbent atmospherics.

‘Perfect Prey’ presents six new songs from the freshly squeezed cacti-crypt that is the Mummy Dust Trippers' domain.  Inhale with extreme caution…


"Embassador Dulgoon is known for his intrepid contributions for the world-traversing experimental science ensemble Nonlocal Society, however the eccentric Chilean multi-instrumentalist points us in a very different direction for his most recent revelation entitled ‘Hydrorion Remnants’. Dulgoon delivers a fantastic voyage by way of transportive electro-acoustic elements, roaming crypto-zoological sampling, and soaring synthesized melodies that all work to create a truly unique escapade. Activate the artifact that is ‘Hydrorion Remnants’ to reveal a dense world of wild beasts and uncharted landscapes that only the most adventuresome dare to seek."  - Grant Corum for Psychic Sounds

Christopher Forgues, (AKA C.F.), is a musician and artist based in New York City, best known for his graphic novel serial Powr Mastrs and contributions to the Kramer's Ergot series. Forgues employs homemade electronics, effects pedals, and altered acoustic instruments under the monikers of Kites, Mark Lord and Universal Cell Unlock.


Psychic Sounds is very excited to collaborate on the release of '2 of Wands', a limited edition screen print that is hand numbered, signed and stamped by C.F.

Maya Deren 'Divine Horsemen


Maya Deren journeyed to Haiti to make a film of ritual dances, instead, she came to be accepted as a Voudoun initiate.  This album is a soundtrack to the film she shot documenting Voodoo ceremonies and festivals conveying the incantatory power of the ritual drumming and singing. One can hear the sounds of nature while processions begin across the landscape further giving the effect of an audio memoir.


White Gourd 'Magician le Diable' 

"Eerie, hypnotic .... Melodies cycled together in a warped assemblage of modes ranging from Anglo folk and basement jazz to some late night Pagan gospel set. Moments of ethereal beauty blended into nightmare tones and possessed invocations." 
- Carlos Gonzalez, Russian Tsarlag

Adele H 'Civilization' 


Adele H is the experimental recording project of Italian singer and songwriter Adele Pappalardo.  Using just her voice and a Brazilian tambourine to create powerful melodies and hypnotic rhythms that feel primordial and instinctive blending soul and psychedelia. 

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