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Lethal Tender has transferred a heavy sleight-of-hand slab of ’cyber-bounce’ showcased directly to your clickjacked digital dome.  Zero-Day is arriving care of blackhat beat shredder 6-Ear and the burning chromecore composer Corum both reporting on American A.I. specters via IDM brute bass & brass, crushing rhythmic density, and flash-funking the firewall for Psychic Sounds & Nonlocal Research.  This malvertised magic sonic show, with the tap of a mesmerizing free-form memory stick, delivers downtempo data grunge, bugged-out barbarian browser breaks, Kirby’s Dreamland gone nightmare, noises of new pay prototypes, cloudy robotic chatter, and hip-hopped hacking into a honeypot of hard-hitting neuroelectronics.  Rashad Becker, the traditional notional species unfolding master, transposes the complete bio-enhanced bestiary bitrated right before your very ears. COME ONE, COME ALL!  Break on through the far-side of abusive luxury licks, revel in virtual revulsion riffs & throb to the enchanted edge of engineered exquisite chaos all conjured center stage within the album of a lifetime unveiled as 'Empire Illusion'.


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NOW OUT!:  In collaboration with Nonlocal Research, Corum & 6-Ear present the Lethal Tender 'Empire Illusion' LP which is now ready to order in our shop. Digital is also available through our new bandcamp page. 

LOST DISCOVERIES radio is officially streaming & archived on our mixcloud &  RADIO page.  

Upcoming episodes: 

- Return of DJ ARB 

- Artetetra showcase / Babau live transmission

- Kraak Records showcase 

- 51th Episode special! 

- Discrepant Records / Gonçalo 'Brass Works' mix

- Joshua Harper presents Mixtape Club


May 28, 9PM - Portland, Maine @ Washington  Baths presented by Poole Records:  TIMELASH (Embassador Dulgoon & Corum)  / Vexations II (Video Nasties & Death Waltz Records) / Tea Tree Tween (Nate Luce) / TJ Spunk Ape (Strange Maine) & DJ Ash Ra Temporal

June 16 - Portland, Maine @ Apohadion Theater: 

White Gourd / Silica Gel / Hatt & Lucifer / Greef /

Bri Bowman 


July: 11 & 12 -Belfast, Maine @ Ro-He-Ge: 7-10 pm

 CRAZY DOBERMAN double feature w/  


11 - BRKN GNRTR / Rusty Cross feat. Asa Irons & Corum / DJs Flaming Chalice (J. Harper of ATA / April of WUME) 


12 - Ideal Grey Spaces / White Gourd / DJ Subdweller

July 28 - Portland, Maine @ Washington Baths 

Bill Nace / Matchess  / Matt Krefting /

+DJ Psychic Sounds 


August 19 / 20 - Gaston, Oregon (outside of Portland):  The Psychic Sounds crew will be showcasing several new releases / reissues and supporting the full Million Brazilians ensemble featuring Corum, Suzanne Stone (White Gourd), Jones (ISAM), 

Shaver (Plankton Wat), and Idaho Joe Windslow at Dundee Lodge Festival (north of Portland, Oregon) along with Wolf Eyes, Space Lady, Helen, Sir Richard Bishop,

Zomes, Village of Spaces, Avola and many many more!



- Million Brazilians 'Red Rose & Obsidian' (U.S. edition)

- Million Brazilians w/ Adele H 'La Conchiglia' 

- Million Brazilians: New Ideas In Psychic Music volume 3

- Fake Hospital Group Operators playing the music of 

              'Never Use the Same Door Twice' 

- Corum 'Never Use the Same Door Twice' 

               (10 Anniversary Reissue) 

-Million Brazilians 'As Night Falls In....' 

- Universal Cell Unlock 'Innocence Of Logic' reissue

- Aaron Dilloway x2 tape collection 

- Tristan & Titania (of Orphan Fairytale) 'Gods & Glyphs' LP 

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